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I've tried many different exercise classes over the years and Hoola Fit is definitely the most fun. When I started a year ago, I spent a lot of time picking the hoop up off the floor but can now take steps, spin and even do a few dance moves! All within a relaxed enjoyable class with no pressure. Even lost two inches off my waist in the last 4 months.

Karen Sisley - Hoola Fit Class

I am so impressed with the sessions you offer. They are so carefully planned and beautifully structured, so that the level of exercise develops as the time progresses. Your thoughtful choice of music to match the movement sequences ensures that there is a variety of pace and of atmosphere too. I enjoy the slow, stretching sequences and also the more demanding, fast paced cardiac challenges. The atmosphere changes, ranging from quiet and reflective to lively and humorous. You are good at ensuring that everyone has got the hang of a section, and taking time to allow everyone to get there!
You manage to make an hour go very quickly, because it is all so varied and enjoyable. Keep up the excellent work.

Kyria Richardson - Fit Mix Class

I have so enjoyed your classes and the benefits to my general health have been great but best of all has been the effect on the Lymphedema in my left arm. You have restored my confidence in exercising my arm and upper body.

Kathy Green - Fit Mix Class

I have never been able to hold up a hoola hoop before but Julie helped me to learn in 1 hour!  It is the most fun exercise class I have ever been to and the hour passes by so quickly. Every week I get better and learn something new!  I wish I'd found this class years ago! Thanks Julie.

Pauline Cantrill - Hoola Fit Class

I have never enjoyed an exercise class before yours.  My family are surprised that I have found a class that I really like.  I don't feel any pressure at yours and you make it enjoyable.

Sarah Taylor - Hoola Fit Class

I just want to say how much I enjoy your ‘Fix Mix’ exercise class on Wednesday evenings in the Jubilee Hall in Timsbury. I feel I am able to do the class at my own level so as high as I want or as low. You always give us alternatives & you really care which is quite refreshing! 
You provide a variety of music & moves so I never get bored. The hour flies by & sometimes I wish it was booked as a longer class.  Also, it is a fun, friendly & welcoming class.

Carol Gardner - Fit Mix Class